Engineered Perfection.

The Phantom RRV is built with precise perfection. The entire vehicle is designed on a computer before any of its construction begins. It is a 3D CAD laser cut vehicle built out of 1.75" 4130 chromoly tubing. Everything is so precise and handcrafted that it makes the Phantom not only an indestructible and hardworking machine, but also a piece of art.

Uncompromising Power.

The Phantom RRV can take on the toughest terrain on the planet. Its LS power plant provides dependability and maximizes the vehicle's fuel range. Custom power plants are also available for whatever your need such as speed, agility, or power.

Unbelievable Control.

You are in control on the roughest terrain with the Phantom RRV's heat-treated alloys and the world's best suspension of 2.5" coilovers and 3.0" bypass shocks creating 24" of true wheel travel.

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